Sounds of Prayer

by Roman&Alaina

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released August 12, 2009



all rights reserved


Roman&Alaina Durham, North Carolina

Roman&Alaina are an indie folk/pop duo whose catchy melodies and tight two-part harmonies makes them stand out in the crowd. After the success of their debut acoustic album in 2008, Roman&Alaina have just unveiled their new release "Last Forest in the City." ... more

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Track Name: Hashem Open My Lips
Hashem Open my Lips
That my mouth may declare Your praise
Hashem Open my Lips
That my mouth may declare Your praise
Open my lips (Repeat X4)
That my mouth may declare Your praise
Track Name: I Believe
I believe with complete faith
In the coming of the Mashiach
And although he may tarry
Nevertheless I will wait, everyday for him to come
And I believe with complete faith
That there will be a resurrection
Of the dead at the time
When it will be the will of the Creator
Blessed be His Name
And exalted be His remembrance
Forever and ever and ever
Track Name: Oseh Shalom
Oseh shalom bimromav

Hu ya'aseh shalom aleinu

V'al kol Yisrael
V'al kol Ysrael
V'imru amen

He who makes peace in His heights
May He make peace upon us
And upon all Israel
Track Name: Deeper
Deeper than the holes in the dark
And higher than the stars and dreams
Further than time tells a soul
Yet closer than the breath that you breathe

Once I met a man who was murdered
Raised on a stake like the snake but in Jerusalem
And you could see the truth in him
And it shone like an innocent child
Shone like an innocent child
Yet grieved like a man with an adulterous wife
He stood in the midst of exile
As the kind hand that extends to humanity
From the depths of Hashem
The walking instructions of Him

Redemption of great Israel was born on Sukkot
Grew strong in the instruction
Healing in the junctions of darkness
Inspected four days and found no blemish
Four days and found no blemish
One day wickedness
Hoped to say the rabbis kaddish
But he willfully gave Himself over
As the ransom lamb of Passover
To buy back Israel from the world’s disorder
First fruit of the resurrection from the dead
Track Name: Teach Me To Overcome
Drenched in despair makes me barely want to care
Oh Lord teach me to overcome
Could easily go to rage, can’t afford anger in my age
Oh Lord teach me to overcome
All life comes to an end, yet in foolishness we spend
Oh Lord teach me to overcome
Help me nullify my will, a stubborn ego’s hard to kill
Oh Lord teach me to overcome

Oh Lord teach me
Oh teach me
May it be Your divine decree
That I overcome, Oh Lord if you’re willing
Teach me to overcome

When the bills roll into debt
Cause the job just can’t cut it
Oh Lord teach me to overcome
When the past has made us sad
And the future's twice as bad
Oh Lord teach me to overcome
Demons close in front and rear
And try to fill me full of fear
Oh Lord teach me to overcome
To pray a prayer sincere and true
If only one of my words be pure
Oh Lord teach me to overcome

Through the tears and the struggles
A soul ascends the levels
As You teach us to overcome
To know there’s only You
And only You there is to know
As you teach us to overcome
Track Name: Ma Gadlu
Ma gadlu ma’aseh hai’yah, me’od amku mach’sh’votecha

Translation: How great are Your deeds Hashem, Your thought are very deep.
Tehillim 92:6
Track Name: Mashiach Intervene
Raise my soul oh Lord
From the husk it’s in
And put me on the path
Of your righteousness
That I may observe all Your mitzvot
In the zeal and the spirit of the king

Raise our souls oh Lord
From the husk they're in
And put us on the path
Of Your righteousness
That we may observe all Your mitzvot
In the zeal and the spirit of our King

And we're begging, we're begging
Mashiach, oh Mashiach, Intervene
And we're begging we're begging
Mashiach, Mashiach intervene
And we're crying, we're crying
Mashiach, Mashiach return
And raise our souls from the husk they're in
Track Name: Birth of the King
I'm an empty room with sounds of prayers
From the books braided in my hair
There's a smell of a citron that fills the air
With the King, with branches and a chair
There's a shelter that commands for us joy
From it's dwelling place peace deploys
And the world will gather under, and look to above
And questions will be no more
Questions will be no more
Track Name: Bless G-d
Before I Arise
I’ll Bless G-d then open my eyes
Bless G-d elevating my hands
Bless G-d for my health for I stand
Bless G-d with the garment of light
In the shadow of Your wings I’ll fly
Bless G-d for tefillin I bind
And remember and do for all time
Bless G-d for his Torah he gave
The truth, the life and the way
Bless G-d

Praise Hashem and bless His name
Bless G-d from upon the earth
Bless G-d from the luminaries
Then rise from the wings of angels
Face the east and then Declare
Shema Israel
His instructions will do as he tells
Trustworthy Rock of Israel
Arise to our aid, Arise
Bless G-d

Open my lips
That my mouth may declare Your praise
Bless G-d in the standing prayer
Bless G-d with every breath of air
Bless G-d who is Master of all
Who chose us from every people and tongue
Bless G-d who will on that day
Be one and so will his Name
Bless G-d for Yeshua He gave
Long live the truth the life and the way
Bless G-d